Our products can make a significant difference.

The innovative positioning products from Levabo® are developed in cooperation with leading wound care nurses, and are produced in Denmark. The products have a number of advantages, over conventional positioning products.

By applying Levabo®'s positioning products you will have the necessary positioning cushion at hand, for effective prevention, and treatment of pressure ulcers. The products are single-patient, inflatable cushions which after use are disposed. The products take up very little space at the depot, and it is easy transportable assortment in Levabo®'s dcubi kit Bag.

These advantages are especially useful for the domiciliary care sector. As a domiciliary care nurse you can initiate effective prevention of pressure sores at an early stage with Levabo’s products, much easier and cheaper than with conventional positioning products. Immediate action can be taken to position the patient optimally, and thereby avoid unnecessary discomfort for the patient, in addition to saving the health care system potentially expensive future treatment.

The products are multifunctional and can be used in several different supportive ways for patients. They are single-patient use, thereby ensuring optimum levels of hygiene.