Our products can make a significant difference.

The innovative positioning products from Levabo® are developed in cooperation with leading wound care nurses, and are produced in Denmark. The products have a number of advantages, over conventional positioning products.

The products take up very little space at the depot. Meaning with Levabo®'s possitioning products, you always have the cushions at hand, for effective prevention, and treatment of pressure ulcers. The products are single-patient, inflatable cushions, which after use are disposed.

By applying Levabo®'s products you have the opportunity to start an effective pressure ulcer-preventive action earlier in the process - cheaper and easier than using conventional positioning products. Already when there are suspected risks of pressure ulcers, you can instantly position the patient optimally, thus avoiding unnecessary suffering for the patient, and save the health care system (and/or the patient) for subsequent substantial cost of treating pressure ulcers.

The products are multi-functional and can be used for most positioning.
Single-patient use ensures high hygiene.