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Levabo leads the way…

We want to create innovative welfare technology that makes a difference in practice. Our vision is that our products can help eradicate pressure ulcers globally with local roots through our distributors.

We continuously expand our product offering based on the market’s need for innovative
high-quality positioning products that benefit people at risk of developing pressure ulcers and reduce occupational injuries among healthcare professionals.
All Levabo products can be used in hospitals, nursing homes and private homes.

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Turn All automatic tilting system positions user in 30 degree lateral position

Heel lifters

Heel Up inflatable heel lifters for pressure relief of heel

Seat cushions

Seat All inflatable seat cushions for pressure relief of exposed areas

Positioning cushions

All Up inflatable positioning cushions for pressure relief of exposed areas

Foam mattresses

Leva Flex pressure-relieving foam mattress

Top mattresses

All On pressure-relieving top mattress

Pressure-relieving products

Our pressure-relieving product range includes automatic tilting systems, foam mattresses, seat cushions, heel lifters and bearing cushions which, with stationary air or foam, distribute pressure over a larger area.

The cushions are inflatable and covered with nonwoven felt. The pads can be used for the same user over a longer period of time and can be wiped with a damp cloth or disinfected with alcohol.

The automatic tilting system, which can be used in any care bed, positions the user in a side position of 30 degrees alternating between right and left side. On the opposite side there is a slight lift of 5 degrees, which counteracts the shear.

Expand your knowledge on pressure ulcer prevention
in our Academy universe

Academy is Levabo’s learning platform where you will find the latest and best knowledge on pressure ulcer prevention.

You can find general information on pressure ulcer prevention; guidelines for pressure ulcer category assessment; e-learning courses on pressure ulcer prevention and management; and cost-effectiveness calculation models, among other things.

Research & development

In Skanderborg (Denmark) all development, marketing and administration for Levabo Aps takes place.

The actual production takes place partly in Skanderborg and partly in China, where we have our own production facilities.

In Skanderborg, small production runs are carried out on our in-house developed “special” facility, which also serves as a development platform for the development of new products.

Levabo wants sustainable development

That’s why we’re constantly working to take greater social responsibility and focus on sustainability. For now, we are working on SDGs 3, 8, 9 and 12.