Business Case from Køge Municipality

In Køge Municipality they have “figured” it out…

All the while the politicians get their beauty sleep they can achieve their promises about better elder care, more resources and increased welfare.

All because the municipality have invested in new welfare technology. With a Turn All automatic tilt system the municipality gains all the aforementioned and much more.
“What’s not to like”🙂

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Business Case Køge Municipality

Calculating return of investment on Turn All, based on saved night visits.

4 citizens with/at risk of developing pressure ulcers, with a need for repositioning every 3 hours, as well as lying on an alternating pressure mattress.
For optimal pressure relief the citizens at risk must be repositioned in a 30 degree side lying position 2 times during the night shift.

When starting with Turn All, all alternating pressure mattresses are replaced with a pressure distributing foam mattress.
By subtracting the price difference between an alternating pressure mattress and a pressure distributing foam mattress from the purchase price of Turn All, we arrive at an investment of about 740 euro.

A night visit for repositioning is estimated to take 10 min.
Two night visits of 10 min. each, cost approximately 14 euro.

Approximately how many nights does it take to earn the return of investment on 1 Turn All?
740 euro / 14 euro = 52.9 nights which is equivalent to 7.6 weeks.
This means that it takes almost 8 weeks/2 months to make the return of investment, when only saved time on night visits are taken into account.

Please notice that the prices and wages used in this calculation are based on averages.

Calculation made January 2022 in Køge.

Furthermore advantages of using Turn All in the prevention of pressure ulcers creates many other advanatges. For instance an uninterrupted night’s sleep, which is difficult to quantify in monetary terms.
Note that the cost of wound care for one of the selected citizens was approximately 27 euro pr. day including the cost of wound care products and the 30 minute visit to perform the wound care.