Charlotte Nordved Madsen

Hello Levabo

Our citizen had, because of immobility associated with the disease necrosis, wounds as result from pressure on both heels. The worst seemed on the left heel, on which the wound grew to the size of a 2 EUR coin.

We made sure to relieve the citizen’s heels with some fixed splints, covered with egg trays, some foam and pillows around the legs. But it was not quite good, as the splints displaced around the leg and had thus no effect. The patient pushed down the pillows to the feet, and the pressure / wound was certainly no better from that.

So I was very curious when I saw newsletter from Abena about Your heel cushions. Two Heel Up was ordered and we started treated the citizen, as my colleagues were introduced to the application of them.

It make progress, and the citizen kept the heel cushions on all night – I think that they are significantly more light, soft and comfortable to wear all night.

The Heel Ups are tightened with soft straps and pulled together real tight on the legs, and the resident could easily be repositioned during the night without having to remove the Heel Up.

After using the Heel Up during all sleeping hours, for about two months, we now see that the citizen’s heels are now very fine. The wound at the left heel is in the process of healing and was shrunk significantly in size, now no larger than a finger nail. The wound on the right heel is gone and glimpses only a slight reddening.

In the staff group, we are also happy with the heel lifters, they have been easy to use and the fact that they are staying on at night is especially making our nightwatch happy.

I have recommended the heels to other colleagues and will certainly use them in other situations.

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