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About the product

Heel Up Air Medium is a one-patient heel lifter for pressure relief of the heel in mobile and seated users, especially wheelchair users.
The heel lifter encloses the entire foot, including the heel. This makes it suitable for seated users, because it ensures pressure relief even when the heel is supported against the ground.
Heel Up Air Medium is inflatable and covered with non-woven felt, which is a skin-friendly material that absorbs moisture, transports heat, and is soft and comfortable.
In addition to relieving the heel, the heel lifter ensures that the Achilles tendon and malleoli (either of the two rounded bony projections of the tibia and fibula on the sides of each ankle) are relieved. It supports the forefoot and prevents drop foot.
The heel lifter has an ergonomic end which ensures that there is no increased pressure on the calf and the knee is not strained.


Heel Up Air Medium heel lifter is not inflated upon delivery, but is quick and simple to inflate and use.
  • The heel lifter must be unfolded and the pump/tube is inserted into the self-closing valve.
  • The heel lifter is inflated until the enclosing ‘stop up’ paper band breaks, the pump/tube is removed.
  • The heel lifter is now ready for use.
  • The user’s foot is placed in the heel lifter and the straps are closed over the opening.
  • Check that the heel is lifted about 1 ½ finger width above the underlying material.
  • The heel lifter can be inflated again if it loses air. If the heel lifter is inflated too much, the enclosed adapter can be used to adjust the air pressure.
  • The heel lifter can be used by the same patient for 6-8 weeks or until the non-woven felt starts to show tear.

Product specifications

Product number 70036
HMI no. N/A
Size (cm) 18 x 39 x 25
Packing 12 pieces, clean

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