Heel lifters

Heel Up is Levabo’s series of heel lifts for pressure relief of the heel. Developed in collaboration with leading Danish wound nurses, the range ensures optimal comfort and hygiene in the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers on the heel.
The range includes both heel lifts for people who are bedridden and for people with a higher functional level. For example, the Heel Up Short heel lifter is optimised for use in a wheelchair, where it does not impede the user’s mobility.
Heel Up heel lifters are inflatable and covered with nonwoven felt, which is a skin-friendly material that is moisture-absorbing, heat-transporting, soft and comfortable.
You can see all our heel lifters in the product overview, and read more about each product.

More about Heel Up heel lifter

Heel Up is a single-patient product, but can be used for the same user over a longer period of time. It can be wiped with a damp cloth, alcohol or other suitable disinfectant.
Both ensures high hygiene.
Heel Up heel lifters are not inflated upon delivery and therefore take up very little space. This makes it easy to keep in storage and bring them to the user.
Supplied in clean, sealed flat pack including inflating device.
Heel Up is inflated using the supplied inflator tube or with one of Levabo’s other pumps. An adapter is also included to adjust the air pressure.
Find the pumps in the Accessories product category.
Tested and approved according to irritation and hypersensitivity test, ISO 10993-10:2010

Who benefits from a Heel Up heel lifter

The target group for a heel lifter is people who have or are at risk of developing pressure ulcers, especially people with reduced mobility and bedridden people.
Risk groups for developing pressure ulcers are typically people who are;
  • overweight
  • underweight
  • older
  • critically ill
  • palliative
  • spinal cord injured

Product categories

Important properties

Den ydre beklædning af nonwoven filt afleder, meget effektivt, fugt og varme væk fra huden og sikrer, at huden ikke klæber til puden. Den kan aftørres med en fugtig klud, alkohol eller andet egnet desinfektionsmiddel.
The outer covering of non-woven felt is very effective in wicking moisture and heat away from the skin and ensures that the skin does not stick to the pad. It can be wiped with a damp cloth, alcohol or other suitable disinfectant.
Der er gjort plads til akillessenen imellem de 2 bærende celler. Cellerne er affasede så læg og knæ ikke belastes unødigt.
Space has been made for the Achilles tendon between the 2 load-bearing cells. The cells are bevelled so that the calf and knee are not unnecessarily stressed.
Der er åbent til hælen og gjort plads til malleolerne for at sikre fuld aflastning.
It is open to the heel and accommodates the malleoli to ensure full relief.
Sejlet og luften under foden understøtter forfoden og forebygger dropfod.
The sail and air under the foot support the forefoot and prevent drop foot.

Quick and easy pressure relief

Fold Heel Up® ud og indsæt pumpen i den selvlukkende ventil.
Unfold the Heel Up and insert the pump into the self-closing valve.
Pump up..
Pump up until the enclosing paper tape Stop Up bursts - and remove the pump. Heel Up is now ready for use.
Place the foot in the Heel Up and close the band over the opening.
Kontroller at hælen er løftet ca. 1½ fingerbredde over underlaget.
Check that the heel is raised about 1½ finger width above the ground.
Heel Up product overview
Heel Up Short With Foot
Heel Up Short
Heel Up Medium Closed on leg
Heel Up Medium
Heel Up Long Closed on leg
Heel Up Long
Heel Up Max Medium With Foot
Heel Up Max
Heel Up FIX Short
Heel Up FIX Medium
Heel Up FIX Long
Heel Up FIX Max
Heel Up AIR Medium With Foot
Heel Up AIR Medium
Heel Up CUT Medium With Foot
Heel Up CUT Medium
Heel Up KIDS Medium 15 cm
Heel Up KIDS Medium 20 cm

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