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Heel Up Fix Max is a one-patient heel lift for pressure relief of the heel in bedridden patients. Suitable for users with medium or long lower leg, and with long/large foot. Also suitable for bariatric people.
The wide strap ensures that the heel lifter sits correctly even if the user moves in bed. Especially suitable for restless people.
Heel Up Fix Max is inflatable and covered with nonwoven felt, which is a skin-friendly material that is moisture-absorbing, heat-transporting, soft and comfortable.
In addition to relieving the heel, the heel lifter ensures that the Achilles tendon and malleoli (bony prominences at the ankles) are relieved. It supports the forefoot and prevents drop foot.
The heel lifter has an ergonomic end so that there is no increased pressure on the calf and the knee is not stressed.


Heel Up Fix Max heel lifter is not inflated upon delivery, but is quick and simple to put into use.
  • The lifter is folded out and the pump/pump tube is inserted into the self-closing valve.
  • The heel lifter is pumped up until the enclosing ‘stop up’ paper tape breaks and the pump/pump tube is removed.
  • The heel lifter is now ready for use.
  • The user’s foot is placed in the heel lifter and the strap is closed over the opening.
  • Check that the heel is lifted about 1½ finger width above the ground.
  • The heel lifter can be inflated again if it loses air. If pumped too hard, the supplied adapter can be used to adjust the air pressure.
  • The heel lifter can be used by the same patient for 6-8 weeks.

Product specifications

Product number 70147
HMI no. N/A
Size (cm) 18 x 50 x 30
Packing 10 pieces, clean

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