Pressure-relieving foam mattress

About the product

Leva Flex Twin is a pressure-relieving mattress developed as an aid for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.
Leva Flex Twin can be used up to category 4 pressure ulcers.
Leva Flex Twin consists of two separate high-quality foam cores, both wrapped in tricot so that the two foam cores can slide on each other. This helps to reduce shear.


The mattress is used in hospital beds, nursing homes or private homes.
The foam cores of the mattress are cut into zones, providing optimal pressure distribution to the most pressurised areas of the body.
In addition, the cut also provides optimal flexibility when using the care bed functions as well as when used with the Turn All tilt system.
The zone cut is the same at the head and foot ends. This gives the mattress a longer life, as you will be able to swap the ends around after wear.

Product specifications

Product number 70156
HMI no. N/A
Size (cm) 200 x 90 x 14
Packing 1 piece
Max user weight 150 kg. (225 kg with Turn All)

Product categories

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