Perfect for Home care

Akut Kit Taske
dcubi Kit bag with pump and selection of Levabo positioning cushions

Our products can really make a difference.

The Levabo® innovative positioning  products have been developed in collaboration with leading wound nurses. The products have a wide range of advantages over conventional positioning products.

By using Levabo®’s  products, you have the necessary positioning  cushion at hand for effective pressure ulcer prevention. The products are single-patient inflatable cushions that are disposed of after use. The products takes up very little space, both at the depot, and are an easily transportable assortment in Levabo®’s dcubi Kit Bag, which is designed for the purpose.

These benefits are expressed in particular in home care. As a home care provider, Levabo® products have the opportunity to start an effective pressure prevention program earlier, cheaper and easier than using conventional positioning products.  Even in the case of suspected risk of pressure ulcer, the caregiver can immediately start a preventive effort optimally, thus avoiding unnecessary suffering for the citizen, and saving the health service for subsequent significant expenses for the treatment of pressure ulcers.

The products are multifunctional and can be used with advantage in most situations.

Single-patient use ensures optimum hygiene.

See what You can save

There is a lot of money to save on the prevention of pressure ulcers. We live in a world where there are more elderly, more diabetics and more obese, more pressure ulcers will occur if they are not prevented. Read more about what it costs and check your own numbers in Levabo’s calculator.