air-based relocation

Lift All is part of Levabo’s range of products for air-based relocation.
The Lift All lifting mattress is designed to transfer persons from the floor, or other surface, to the bed, typically in the event of a fall. The lifting mattress is ideal in situations where it is not deemed safe to use a lift and sail. The lifting mattress consists of four air chambers, which are inflated with air from a single valve. When all chambers are filled with air, the lifting mattress is at a good ergonomic working height for healthcare professionals, so

the person can be easily transferred from the lift mattress to, for example, the bed or stretcher. When transferring from a lifting mattress to another bed, it is recommended to use the Glide All transfer mattress.

The Lift All lifting mat is filled with air using the pump provided. It lifts the user from floor level to bed or stretcher height, making it easy to move even severely overweight people from floor to, for example, stretcher or bed. Max user weight for Lift All is 540 kg.

More about Lift All air-based relocation

The Lift All transfer mattress can be cleaned with a damp cloth, with alcohol or chlorhexidine.
Lift All lifting mattresses are not inflated on delivery and therefore do not take up much space. This makes it easy to keep in storage and bring them to the user.
Lift All lift mattresses are inflated using the included pump.

Who benefits from Lift All air-based relocation

The Lift All lifting mat is optimal for use in case of falls and for moving persons who require a lot of assistance. This could include people with a low level of functioning and people who are overweight.

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