BOA Pump 4

One-handed rechargeable high-pressure pump. Fast, powerful and usable for most pumping tasks, in working time and leisure.
Easy to take on the field, bike ride, motorcycle, scooter, car, wheelchair, wheelbarrow and camping.
It is super easy to operate, just press the button and BOA pumps quickly and efficiently.

BOA The pump provides a pressure of up to 150 psi (10 bar) and has an Airflow of 9 L / min. BOA Pump pumps a bicycle tire from 0 – 150 PSI (10 bar) in 90 seconds.

The BOA pump has backlit pressure gauge, built-in LED lamp and built-in space for valve adapters.

The BOA pump comes with a rubber valve, 3 nipples / adapters, 50 cm hose for places with space shortage, carrying case, charger and charging stand that can stand or be mounted on the wall.

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