Practical experience

We are constantly trying to gather experience with our products from clinical practice. In the following you can read the experiences of healthcare professionals with specific citizens/patients, so that you may have a better understanding of who benefits from our products.

Your colleagues' experience with our products

“A ward nurse in an intensive care unit says that using Levabo’s camp pads was the ultimate solution for the unit during the Covid-19 pandemic, when patients had to be camped in bunk beds. She says that this has helped the department to eliminate adverse events and workplace injuries.
A nurse in a municipality says that a citizen who is hunched over and tends to lie straight on his spine had to be put in bed with many pillows in the past, and that it did not work optimally. However, after being given a Turn All tilt system, he has expressed that he lies very well and sleeps better at night. “
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"We work continuously to gather knowledge about the impact of our products.
In the following you can read about the effects of using Turn All for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.

The effect of using our Turn All automatic tilting system with our Leva Flex Twin dual-core foam mattress has been tested at the Center for Ventilation and Intensive Care in Berlin.
The test ran over six weeks, with ten residents at extra high risk of developing pressure ulcers (Braden < 9) testing the combination of the tilt system and the foam mattress.

Two of the ten residents had category III and IV pressure ulcers on the sacrum at the beginning of the test period. Both pressure ulcers showed a clear positive wound healing status at the end of the test period with significant reduction of both wound depth and circumference.

No negative change in skin condition was observed in the other residents after the test period. It is also worth noting here that five of the remaining eight residents had previously suffered category III and/or IV pressure ulcers, which put them at additional risk of developing pressure ulcers again.

The healthcare professionals who used the tilt system and foam mattress found the tilt system easy and intuitive to work with, and that it had given them a sense of security to know that turning regimes were being adhered to even if situations arose where staff did not have the resources to make manual turns. “