Seat cushions

Seat All is Levabo’s range of seat cushions for pressure relief, especially on the ischium and sacrum.
Developed in collaboration with leading Danish wound nurses, the range ensures optimal comfort and hygiene in the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers.

The range includes both standard multifunctional cushions for use in wheelchairs or regular chairs, as well as more specialised cushions. For example, Seat All Flexi, which provides pressure relief for people using a faecal catheter, and Seat All Donut, which provides complete relief for discomfort associated with radiotherapy, pregnancy, childbirth or other intimate problems.

Seat All is inflatable and covered with nonwoven felt, which is a skin-friendly material that is moisture-absorbent, heat-transporting and soft and comfortable.

You can see all our seat cushions in the product overview, and read more about each product.

More about Seat All seat cushions

Seat All is a single-patient product, but can be used for the same user over a longer period of time. It can be wiped with a damp cloth, alcohol or other suitable disinfectant.
Both ensures high hygiene.
Seat All seat cushions are not inflated on delivery and therefore take up very little space. This makes it easy to keep in storage and bring them to the user.
Supplied in clean, sealed flat pack including inflating device.

Seat All seat cushions are inflated using the supplied inflator tube or with one of Levabo’s other pumps. An adapter is also included to adjust the air pressure.

Find the pumps in the Accessories product category.

Tested and approved according to irritation and hypersensitivity test, ISO 10993-10:2010

Important properties

SA Egenskaber 1
The outer covering of non-woven felt is very effective in wicking moisture and heat away from the skin and ensures that the skin does not stick to the pad. It can be wiped with a damp cloth, alcohol or other suitable disinfectant.

Who benefits from a Seat All seat cushion

The target group for a sitting cushion is people who have pressure ulcers up to category 2 or are at risk of developing pressure ulcers, especially people with reduced mobility who are sedentary and/or bedridden.
Category 1 corresponds to intact skin with redness that does not change colour when a finger is pressed on the area (lack of capillary response).
Category 2 corresponds to partial skin loss with a red wound bed without dead tissue.
Risk groups for developing pressure ulcers are typically people who are;
  • overweight
  • underweight
  • older
  • critically ill
  • palliative
  • spinal cord injured

Product categories

Quick and easy pressure relief

SA 0 til tryk 1
Unfold the Seat All and insert the pump into the self-closing valve.
SA 0 til tryk 2
Pump up..
SA 0 til tryk 3
Pump up until the enclosing paper strap Stop Up bursts - and remove the pump. Seat All is now ready for use.
SA 0 til tryk 4
Place the cushion under the patient.
SA 0 til tryk 5
Check that the patient is raised approximately 1½ finger width above the surface.
SA 0 til tryk 6
Seat All Seat
Seat All Seat
Seat All Seat Small 32 x 32 cm
Seat All Seat Small
Seat All Seat Large
Seat All Seat Large
Seat All Seat Max
Seat All Seat Max
Seat All Seat Tailbone
Seat All Seat Tailbone
Seat All Bath
Seat All Seat Bath
Seat All Flexi
Seat All Seat Donut
Seat All Seat Donut
Seat All Donut Small 35 x 35 cm
Seat All Seat Donut Small
Seat All Back & Seat
Seat All Back & Seat
Seat All Seat Twin
Seat All Seat Twin
Kids Care Seat 32 x 32
Seat All Kids Care

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