About the product

Turn All is an automatic tilting system that helps prevent and treat pressure ulcers by positioning a person in a 30-degree side position alternating between the right and left side.


The system can be used in any healthcare bed with a removable mattress, where it is placed under the mattress.
The tilt system is intuitive and simple to install and operate.
  • The mattress is removed from the bed
  • The pump is mounted on the end of the bed and the cable is plugged into the pump and socket
  • The tilt system is placed on the slats of the bed and secured with the three straps
  • The air hose is put into the pump and it is ensured that the CPR function is closed
  • The mattress is placed on top of the tilting system
  • The system is now installed and ready to use
  • The system is switched on at the on/off button on the pump
  • With the +/- buttons you select the number of hours the chip system should run
  • The interval for turns is set to 30, 60 or 90 minutes on the corresponding buttons
  • When the on/off button is lit and the button for the selected time invert is lit, the system is running
  • If you need to quickly flatten the bed, pull the red CPR strip, which will deflate the tilt system.

Product specifications

Product number 70128
HMI no. 130290
Size (cm) 85 x 200
Packing 1 piece, clean
Max user weight 225 kg

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